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God bless America.
Marcus Allen and Malik Golden were teammates for 3 years at Penn State, and now with the Steelers.

Opponents stacking line vs. Steelers -- and James Conner's still succeeding anyway

Four Downs: https://t.co/TickmcMBDD via @TribLIVE
Let's see.... no fewer than 10 college football games on my basic cable right now... I have scant rooting interest in any... so what to do?

@gusjohnson 💯
Gruesome injury can't dampen friendship between Steelers safeties Marcus Allen, Malik Golden

(Via @TribLive) https://t.co/IKcFbQco5r
Wow, I don't wanna say Josh Rosen and the Cardinals struggled in the 1st half, but...

The Broncos have more yards on interception returns than the Cardinals in passing yards (think about that)

Emmanuel Sanders has more TD passes than Rosen.
"It is fall -- when the Leafs go down."
--Bob Errey

@buchignani Gameday bucket list (ranked by prevailing conditions in hell when it occurs):
🔹Corvallis, OR ☃️
🔹Bloomington, IN 🌨️
🔹Winston-Salem, NC ❄️
🔹Lawrence, KS 🥶
🔹Piscataway, NJ ⛪️✝️
Seemingly no end in sight for groin injury to Steelers' Morgan Burnett https://t.co/TmrPnVPuxj via @TribLIVE
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