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Oh where, oh where has civility gone https://t.co/11tZkzLe0y via @TribLIVE
Joe Musgrove out for the 8th inning approaching 90 pitches. The dreaded *third time through the order*

You have the feeling Big Joe would just stare down and ignore Clint Hurdle if he was asked to leave a game
Eight games into this 11-game homestand, Pirates pitchers have 87 strikeouts, including 47 from their starters over the past seven games.

Nick Kingham, 9 (!) cliches in 1 answer:
"It happens. It’s baseball. Anything can happen. I don’t look too far into the future. I’ve been down that road...I’ve learned the hard way. So I’m...takin it 1 day at a time, putting 1 foot in front of another. What comes at me, happens"
So far this homestand at PNC Park:

70 innings played (140 halves of innings played)

144 strikeouts

Pirates pitchers have 86 strikeouts in 70 innings
This is shaping into a situation that the Pirates will have to play a doublehader tomorrow without their closer.

Up 3 in the 7th inning tonight, with Felipe Vazquez on tap to throw for the 6th time in seven days!
Jameson Taillon has allowed three or fewer earned runs during each of his past nine starts, posting a 3.29 ERA and 55 strikeouts over 54 2/3 innings in that time.
It's not overly easy to score 5 runs in 6 innings without an extra-base hit.
But here the Pirates are.
Jordy Mercer has 4 RBIs
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