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Comparing rates across Canada: Average rent in major cities coast to coast

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Canada / Average

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1. Of course Trump didn't pay taxes. He bragged about that in 2016 in debate with Hillary. 2. There's no evidence he did anything illegal. 3. There's no evidence he's in hoc to the ROOOOOOSSIANS. 4. He's not an amazing businessman. Duh. 5. Our tax deduction system is idiotic.

California whats up Sheeple how long you gonna obey

BTS' "Dynamite" performance with The Roots is the best remix yet

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Tonight -- and every night -- we’re eternally grateful for the firefighters and first responders that are on the frontlines keeping our state safe. California heroes.

An unidentified grand juror has filed a motion requesting that any and all recordings, transcripts, and reports of the grand jury relating to the Breonna Taylor case be released to the public, according to court documents obtained by CNN

The members of @BTS_twt  each became multimillionaires after @BigHitEnt  landed the biggest stock market listing in three years in South Korea. Each member now holds shares worth $7.9 million at issue price

Multiple people were killed in a hostage situation in Salem, Oregon, officials say. The sheriff's office didn't say how many people died.

Harris on voting rights: ‘He knows he can’t win if people vote. Donald Trump is weak so he’s throwing up every roadblock he can to suppress the vote, and we the people cannot let him get away with it.’

"Do you owe debt to any foreign nation?," Sen. Harris asks of Pres. Trump, discussing his reported tax records. "The American people have a right to know that when the president of the United States acts, he acts with their priorities in mind, not with his priorities in mind."

Amber Alert in Kitchener, Ont. has been resolved.