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The family of a teenager with special needs is speaking out on social media after she was berated by a stranger at a nail salon.

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An emotional Player of the Match CJ Stander on why the win over Scotland is 'just the start' #IREvSCO  #RWC2019  #RTErugby 

'It's my generation that's caused all this trouble, so here I am.' This 91-year-old protester was arrested halfway through an interview with @AyshahTull , after he joined in on the Extinction Rebellion blockade in Dover.

When a dog knows road rules better than you do

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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, in Patna, Bihar: The biggest cause which gave birth to terrorism in Kashmir are Article 370 and Article 35A. This terrorism bloodied Kashmir. Let's see how much courage does Pakistan have. How many terrorists will it produce?

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