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Malcolm Jenkins did NOT hold back.

Safe to say the #Eagles were pretty fed up with this call.

(@RoobNBCS) https://t.co/yo5Guoha8h
Twitter is going crazy about tonight's game and @MarcFarzetta is here to show you the best tweets and takes.

Stay tuned to NBC Sports Philadelphia for EndGame.
You don't know anyone who has watched more football than Ray Didinger.

Even he was stunned by today's horrible officiating.

Malcolm Jenkins wasn't happy with the officials' ruling on the opening kickoff.
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Can the Eagles still make the playoffs?


Here's what needs to happen.

You can play around with tiebreakers and playoff scenarios all you want.

The 2018 #Eagles are just not good enough.

@RoobCSN tackles that, the crazy officiating, the play-calling and more in his observations. https://t.co/Fsa4xyXDgi
Which call by the refs was worse today?

We are on NBC Sports Philadelphia right now with Eagles Postgame Live.

Stream it on the #MyTeams App, too: https://t.co/KneKrHO4EI
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