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A bipartisan institution founded in 1962, CSIS is the world's #1 defense & national security think tank. Now on Medium:

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CSIS's @JapanChair examines national perspectives on Asianism (regional exceptionalism) vs. universalism (democratic norms) across Asia, and explores the potential for like-minded states in Asia to prioritize democracy promotion in foreign policy strategy.
Expectations have been building for the FY 2020 defense budget request which acting secretary of defense Shanahan has called the “masterpiece.”

Read the @csis_isp brief examining the Trump administration’s forthcoming FY 2020 defense budget request.
Conducting counterterrorism campaigns “by, with, and though” non-state actors are likely to remain an appealing approach when partnering with the host-nation is not a viable option writes Brian Katz for @csis_isp.
A 2018 UN study estimated that corruption cost the global economy at least $2.6 trillion, or 5% of the global GDP.

A new report from @ChinaPowerCSIS examines how corruption has hindered China's development.

Learn more:
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The U.S. cannot dictate to Iraq or successfully bully it over burden sharing or use it a base against Iran. It may, however, be able to help it become a stronger and more unified country and avoid it becoming a catastrophic vacuum of power.

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Forced migration is solvable. But if not managed correctly, the crisis could result in the near-irreversible corruption of global growth, security, and development.

Learn more about the global forced migration crisis:
What do Iran, Venezuela, and Canada all have in common? They’re all flagged by @CSISEnergy as key influencers of oil prices in 2019.
In 2019, 7 elections in the Western Hemisphere - El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, Argentina, Canada, Bolivia, Uruguay - could affect the domestic politics and geopolitical relations within the region.

Read the @CSISAmericas brief:
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Over the last 5 years, giant clam harvesting, dredging, and artificial island building have decimated over 40,000 acres of coral reefs in the South China Sea.

Reefs have been declining by 16% per decade.

Read the interactive report:
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Nigeria is Africa's most populous nation and boasts the continent's largest economy.

@CSISAfrica director @JDevermont breaks down what the country's upcoming presidential means for the future of Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Watch here:

The Most Relevant

The absence of the EU in Catalonia’s independence discussion has created an environment of confusion in Europe.
Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States, discussed the illegitimacy of Nicolas Maduro's presidency, Maduro's human rights abuses, and how the international community can help the Venezuela people.

Watch his full remarks:
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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was sworn in for a second term on January 10. @CSISAmericas' @MoisesRendon spoke with Amb. William Brownfield and Fernando Cutz about how the international community should deal with Venezuela.

Watch the full event:
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Our sincerest apologies to @Amnesty & our followers. Our last tweet was sent in error. We're reviewing internal policies for social media.
If North Korea were to launch missiles towards Guam, here's how U.S. missile defense forces might respond.
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Here's what you need to know about this week's Trump-Xi summit at Mar-a-Lago
As the Venezuelan crisis worsens, an international consensus is beginning to form around one key issue: Venezuela is not just a dictatorship but is also involved and complicit in criminal activity, including narcotrafficking.
Venezuela is suffering from an economic depression which rivals the magnitude of the United States' Great Depression.

87% of Venezuelans live below the poverty line, and the inflation rate has skyrocketed to 1,000,000%.

Read more here:
North Korea's ballistic missiles, visualized.
A new CSIS report calls for a National Strategy to Counter Foreign Adversary Threats to Democratic Institutions
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