Peel police searching for missing five-year-old boy and his mother

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The report by the United Nations says the Duterte goverment's 'heavy-handed' focus on national security threats has led to serious human rights abuses.

In a virtual town hall, Former President Barack Obama extolled young demonstrators nationwide. "The talent and the voice and the sophistication that they're displaying," he said, "It makes me feel optimistic."

All 4 ex-police officers involved in the killing of #GeorgeFloyd  are now under arrest. They each face up to 40 years in prison for 2nd degree murder or aiding and abetting. Floyd's family's lawyer said: "We cannot celebrate because an arrest is not a conviction."

The crowd at Victoria Park just before a minute’s silence at 8:09

Our new North Carolina poll finds Joe Biden leading Donald Trump 49-45, the largest lead we've found for him in the state this year:

"The Chelsea Pensioners continue to stand for service to our nation, just as you have since 1692, and just as you always will..." - HRH The Duchess of Cornwall @RHChelsea 

Drew Brees says he will "never agree" with players kneeling during national anthem

"The world came together for George Floyd. We know there is a long road ahead. Let's remain aligned and focused in our call for real justice." Beyoncé's message on Instagram featured an aerial photo of thousands of protesters in Minneapolis.