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The official home of the @CallofDuty World League on Twitter. #CWLPS4

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ROSTER MOVE: @Luminosity have confirmed their five-man roster, @Gunless_VnG an@Classicd join the core o@OpTic_Fo@EnVy_J0hnrmaL@Slackedf #CWLPS4, , and !
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The best teams in the world; the first major #BlackOps4 tournament of the season.

Join us December 7-9 for #CWLPS4 Vegas! https://t.co/VIAwbDLkp5
Welcome to the #BlackOps4 season. It's your year.
ROSTER MOVE: Introducing the new @EvilGeniuses #CWLPS4 squad!

ROSTER MOVE: @aBeZy_ and @JKap415 have joined @eunitedgg! They join the core of @Arcitys, @Clayster, and @Prestinni for the start of the 2019 #CWLPS4 season!
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ROSTER MOVE: @Methodz has joined @FaZeClan! #CWLPS4
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Who are we seeing at #CWLPS4 Vegas?

Discounted hotel rooms going fast, get your accommodations booked now: https://t.co/VIAwbDLkp5
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Join us December 7-9 for #CWLPS4 Vegas, spectator passes now available! https://t.co/VIAwbDLkp5
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