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AN EPIC FEAST aka Nose-2-Tail, Bumper-2-Bumper, North American culinary tour promoting heritage breed pigs = safe food @HeritageBBQ @ChefsCourse @PiggyBankOrg

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#TBT 2017 #NYC Highlight 📸 | We’re ready to head back to #Manhattan in a little more than 6 weeks! Check the schedule, grab tickets and watch 🎬 teasers —> https://t.co/lO2cKBDL9g
🎬 #Sommeliers and #barkeeps bring the best ingredients to create the perfect combination of food and drink, making every bite unforgettable. Visit —> fohttps://t.co/lO2cKBDL9gr tickets and info for the upcoming tour! 🎬
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Sitting down 4 inspiration @NowThatsProper #sf @jfraney1 #greatfeeds @ San Francisco Proper https://t.co/GlUmlcRqPy
🎬 by @skalawagproductions

Let’s go back to delicious pork and awesome rooftops in Denver! 👌🏻🔥 [We’ll see you again 4/29/18!] https://t.co/diKVfFN2BZ
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It’s #winewednesday 🍷 What are you sipping on? #Sponsor555 @silveroakcellars - Together with Piggy Bank/The Butchers Ball we have raised funds for heritage breed pig farmers affected by Hurricane Harvey. Visit https://t.co/LGDTsEPgFh to apply. DEADLINE 12/31
By @royaloakcharcoal
Adding something a little extra on top your smoked sausage adds even more authentic flavor, in addition to your lump charcoal!
The buzz 🐝 about the 2018 tour has already started! View the full schedule, grab tickets + watch last year’s highlights 🎬 —>> 🏆🐖https://t.co/diKVfFN2BZ
🎬An Insider's Guide to Cochon555: Each event offers well into the dozens of experiences- Tiki bars, Tomahawk Bars, BBQ traditions, Dessert Bar, Rum Bar, the chef competition, Somm Smackdown ++ . Mark your 2018 calendar now 📆! https://t.co/lO2cKBDL9g
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🎬by @thesmithfamilyadventure

There are of course other ways....but they are wrong. The end of Houston’s best pork #barryfarm #redwattle #pork #cooking #homecooking #pastureraised #Heritage #cochon555
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Pork-Obsessed Chef Competition #Cochon555 Heads to Dallas In 2018. Read the story (via @EaterDallas) —->> https://t.co/1FuxIZlWOi
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