Tracking Cyclone Nisarga / Rooftops / Ratnagiri / Mumbai

#NewsAlert – Tracking Cyclone Nisarga: Rooftops being uprooted in Ratnagiri due to strong winds. Mumbai to escape the fury of the cyclone, according to IMD. @shreyadhoundial  with more details. #CycloneNisarga 

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Tracking Cyclone Nisarga / Rooftops / Ratnagiri / Mumbai

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An adorable and very fluffy pup howls as a vocal accompaniment as a large "Black Lives Matter" mural is painted in front of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

“It’s incredible to me that the federal government would see the necessity of bailing out airlines and banks,” a fifth-grade teacher in San Diego said, “and not see the need to do something similar for the public schools in this country”

"It was deeply offensive," Sen. Harris says of Defense Secy. Esper's testimony on Russian bounties. "One of the highest responsibilities that anyone who is in particular a national security leader should be concerned with is any threat to the safety of our armed forces abroad."

California leaders sue Trump administration over rule that international students must take in-person classes

Two pilots participating in the Scandinavian Airshow "drew" a heart-shaped pattern in the sky over Stockholm on Thursday as a message that expresses their supporting and caring towards people who affected by the #COVID19  pandemic.

“The police report is a lie, which is how you know that they were doing something wrong,” @LawProfButler  says following the release of new audio of the police probe into the death of Breonna Taylor.

Open letter: The real cancel culture is hundreds of thousands of employers being able to cancel your job (and your healthcare) for any reason they want, including thinking wrong thoughts. That’s a long-standing labor policy consensus moreso than a new culture war. Signed, me.

A mail carrier in West Virginia pleaded guilty to attempted election fraud. 5 mail-in ballot requests were altered from Democrat to Republican with black ink, federal prosecutors said.

BLACK LIVES MATTER. The time to be loud is STILL now.

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