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cnn news18 accesses internal report an insider warned that the party should counter post pulwama wave else th
#EXCLUSIVECNN-News18 accesses internal @INCIndia report. An insider warned that the party should counter post-Pulwama wave, else they will be wiped out in elections. | @_pallavighosh with more details.


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excellent intvw of rebecca john lawyer for talwars by bhupendrachaube cnn news18 what she says abt investigati
Excellent intvw of Rebecca John, lawyer for Talwars by @bhupendrachaube #CNN News18. What she says abt investigating agencies quite alarming
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The Hill
just in trump doubles down on attacks says minority congresswomen should apologize to america
JUST IN: Trump doubles down on attacks, says minority congresswomen "should apologize to America"
@CNN 1 hour
avengers endgame passes avatar to become the highest grossing film ever
'Avengers: Endgame' passes 'Avatar' to become the highest-grossing film ever
The Spectator Index
most efficient healthcare systems 2018 1 hong kong 2 singapore 3 spain 4 italy 5 south korea 7 japan 8 austral
Most efficient healthcare systems, 2018.

1. Hong Kong
2. Singapore
3. Spain
4. Italy
5. South Korea

7. Japan
8. Australia
16. France
16. Canada
20. China
21. Mexico
28. Netherlands
35. UK
45. Germany
51. Brazil
53. Russia
54. US

ABC News Politics
mercedes schlapp a trump campaign aide defends the president i have worked with president trump for two years
Mercedes Schlapp, a Trump campaign aide, defends the president: "I have worked with President Trump for two years and he is not a racist. He is a compassionate man whose policies have focused on the minority community"
PBS NewsHour
court records show donald trump was aware of efforts to keep a porn star and a playboy centerfold silent in th
Court records show Donald Trump was aware of efforts to keep a porn star and a Playboy centerfold silent in the days leading up to the 2016 election.
@MSNBC 2 hours
from you lie to we re going to send mr obama home to kenya or wherever it is here are some times republicans d
From "You Lie" to "We're going to send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is," here are some times Republicans disrespected Obama, contrary to Rep. Scalise's claim.
The New York Times
the swedish prime minister has told president trump that rapper asap rocky detained in the country on an assau
The Swedish prime minister has told President Trump that rapper ASAP Rocky, detained in the country on an assault charge, will not get any special treatment. The president had said he would "personally vouch" for Rocky’s bail if he were released.
@ANI 18 minutes
top army sources ms dhonis request to train with the indian army has been approved by general bipin rawat he w
Top Army Sources: MS Dhoni’s request to train with the Indian Army has been approved by General Bipin Rawat. He would train with the Parachute Regiment battalion. Some part of the training is also expected to take place in J&K. Army won't allow Dhoni to be part of any active Op.
@CNN 2 hours
egypt has opened a newly restored pyramid built more than 4500 years ago visitors will be able to climb down a
Egypt has opened a newly-restored pyramid built more than 4,500 years ago. Visitors will be able to climb down a 260-foot tunnel into the pyramid.
The New York Times
long before he ignited a firestorm by telling 4 democratic congresswomen of color to go back to their home cou
Long before he ignited a firestorm by telling 4 Democratic congresswomen of color to “go back” to their home countries, President Trump sought to pit Americans against one another along racial lines. Here's our look at that history.
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