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After almost a week covering the #CampFire, I’m flying home. Thank you for counting on our team to bring you information about your homes and your loved ones. This is among the worst disasters I’ve seen. God Bless those still fighting the fire & those displaced. I hurt for you.
Yessir! Haha my only claim to fame. 🦅 ⛰
928 Buschman, in Paradise, CA, your home is still standing. So is the Best Western around the corner. In Paradise, it’s easier to find what didn’t make it than what did. #CampFire
I’m currently in Northern California at the #CampFire, but I wanted to show you this incredible photo from Southern California where farm workers continue to work through these awful conditions. H/t @CAUSEOxnard
BREAKING- Partial list of missing from the #CampFire. More than 100 names listed with most being in their 50s and 60s. #CNN
Brad Weldon, 62, may be one of the only people left in Paradise, CA. Along with his 26-year-old friend he stayed to fight the fire. Inside the home, his 89-year-old blind mother. She told them she didn’t want to leave, so they stayed & saved the home. #CampFire
8991 & 8941 Skyway. Your buildings are still standing in Paradise, CA #CampFire
DEVELOPING- The Camp Fire grows to 125,000 acres, with 30% containment.
By the numbers:
-6,522 single residences destroyed, -75 damaged
-85 multiple residences destroyed
-260 commercial buildings destroyed, 32 damaged
-772 minor structures destroyed
h/t @CNNAmanda
This is around the area of Kibler Rd. in Paradise, CA, for those looking for answers from the surrounding neighborhood. This is what it looks like. #CampFire
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This is on Ponderosa in Magalia, CA. For those looking for news from there, I shot this video. #CampFire #Magalia
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