Cory Booker / President Donald Trump

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Cory Booker / President Donald Trump

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My message to Trump: I am a proud Jewish person and I have no concerns about voting Democratic.

Shri Babulal Gaur Ji served people for decades. From Jana Sangh days, he worked constantly to strengthen our Party. As Minister and CM of Madhya Pradesh he undertook many efforts to transform the state. Saddened by his demise. Condolences to his family and supporters. Om Shanti.

Little known fact: the current CNN breaking news headline “President Trump Postpones Denmark Trip After Prime Minster Refuses to Sell Greenland to United States”, was, word for word, in a 1995 episode of The Simpsons.

Those houses are how small you looked when you let @realDonaldTrump  trash your wife.

Fingerprints please! 🖐🏿 We register every single refugee that comes into Democratic Republic of the Congo. Why? Because the first step to safety is having an identity.

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Ironic to be lectured about being disloyal and uninformed by a president who is willfully ignorant and does more to undermine core American values than any American politician in modern history. #NeverForget  #NeverTrump 

By @IlhanMN 's own absurd rules of victimhood, signal boosting or even merely criticizing her rhetoric constitutes an incitement of violence. So @TianaTheFirst  asks if she does the same against a Jewish journalist, is that incitement?

@TomFitton : “After our successful efforts to bring KY, CA, OH & IN into compliance w/Natl Voter Registration Act, it’s time for MD politicians to stop the politics, see the light, get right with the law & clean up the State’s voter rolls.” WATCH MORE:

JW announced that a fed court has ordered Maryland to produce voter list data for Montgomery County, the state’s biggest county. The court ruling comes in the JW suit against Mont County & the MD State Boards of Elections under the NVRA. READ HERE: