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  3. here is a video of the interaction for the world to see:
Here is a video of the interaction for the world to see:
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Here is a video of the interaction for the world to see:


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Mrs. Marcos leaves the Sandiganbayan after posting ₱150,000 bail for her temporary liberty while her motion to avail remedies for her graft conviction is being decided by the court. | via @adrianayalin
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The number of people unaccounted for in the Camp Fire of Northern California more than doubled, rising from 297 to 631, officials said Thursday night.

The death toll in the deadliest wildfire in California history rose to 63.

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The newly appointed minister responsible for cybersecurity in Japan has provoked disbelief by admitting he has never used a computer 🤔
Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos walks free for now after the Sandiganbayan approved her P150,000 bail bond pending decision of her motion seeking post conviction remedies. | @teejroxas https://t.co/NFJumxOUgf
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