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  3. here is a video of the interaction for the world to see:
Here is a video of the interaction for the world to see:
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Here is a video of the interaction for the world to see:


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A new store in Carmichael is selling retail items that could otherwise be expensive for $6 and below!

Get the details >> https://t.co/hpL2x55894
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A man is fighting for life after being pulled from the water at Sydney's Bondi Beach. He was swimming with two other men when they got into trouble. @NatashaSquarey #7News
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Researchers are recommending that humans eat less red meat, eggs and dairy as a way to lessen our environmental impact.

Are you willing to change your dietary habits for the good of the planet?

Engler's comment about Nassar survivors enjoying the spotlight was the final straw for the board of trustees. But many in the MSU community were done with him long before then. https://t.co/rxVFebqiNK
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The #SuperBowl is expected to draw more than 1 million visitors, with increased traffic particularly in areas around the Mercedes-Benz stadium, downtown and at the world’s busiest airport. https://t.co/EyJkghJkOv
.@LMPD arrested a man on HIP for murder near the Newburg neighborhood Tuesday night: https://t.co/5wNvWAXhSc
Grindr has closed its digital publication, INTO. Employees are calling the news “a tremendous loss for LGBTQ media, journalism, and the world.”
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Two storms are headed towards Central PA! Click the link for the latest forecast:
It’s day 26 of the partial government shutdown, and we’re starting to see divides emerge among Republicans in Congress. https://t.co/A58XXtDqwc
The family have been involved in a string of incidents in and around Auckland and Hamilton, including accusations of littering, assault, not paying for restaurant meals and intimidating behaviour
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