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"Hype and hate won't stop this virus. Denial didn't work when President Trump tried it. And attacking Democratic governors won't help the country heal either," writes @JohnAvlon 

"It seems like the rule about not making big decisions while hormonal and pregnant probably applies during the emotionally charged and mentally fraught time of corona," writes @secupp 


"Everything has changed, people keep saying about living life with Covid-19 under lockdown and quarantine. But, in my particular case, it has made the sudden loss of my mother much more painful," writes @gelles. 

The results of Super Tuesday leaves us with a lover and a fighter, writes @VanJones68.  What we really need is both.

"His speech was for the most part well crafted, his ideas were reasonable, his words calm and reassuring, and he related well with working people and the vulnerable. In short, this was a classic presidential speech," writes @David_Gergen 

"First of all, stop the practice of self-congratulation. ...Americans want to know what you are going to do, not what you've already done," writes @joelockhart 

@Alice_C_Hill  writes, "By not anticipating the catastrophe we are now living, Trump joins a pantheon of American leaders whose failures of imagination have come at great cost."

@JohnAvlon  explains that lessons learned from the history of outbreaks like the 1918 and 1957 flu epidemics, polio, HIV and ebola can get us through #coronavirus. 

"Helping as many people as possible survive this pandemic is everyone's job. Being upfront about whether you may have the virus is how you show up for work," writes @fordvox 

As #WomensHistoryMonth  draws to a close amid unprecedented anxiety and fear, @marianneschnall  asked trailblazing women: who gives you strength to keep going? Hear from @madeleine  @JaneGoodallInst  @sherylsandberg  @KamalaHarris  @aijenpoo  @sandylocks  and more

Secretaries of State for Arizona and Washington, @katiehobbs  & @KimWyman12,  write Congress must help states prepare for the November presidential election by ensuring that they have the resources to adapt to an environment that discourages social contact.