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Latest Scoops

.@JPMorgan on Xi Jinping: 'This speech did not represent a major shift in Chinese policy'
https://t.co/p40IccbDxs by @jethromullen
Breaking: #Volkswagen is considering a surprise management shakeup
https://t.co/N6lF8W6CNw by @IvanaKottasova
#Stocks poised to pop at this morning's opening bell. But will the gains disappear like yesterday? https://t.co/IqPqZ6AV22 by @nmeyersohn
How President Trump's #Amazon attacks may be hurting you:
https://t.co/srLLVdPEcQ by @LaMonicaBuzz $AMZN
Breaking: John Williams just became one of the most powerful people in the United States who is neither elected nor confirmed by Congress: https://t.co/iB6baJ1M1s by @Pat_Gillespie
Remember when markets were boring? Not anymore as the stock market roller coaster is back on Wall Street: https://t.co/HCkAk1ZSoK by @chrisidore
Another presidential tweet briefly took down #Amazon & the Nasdaq:
https://t.co/opQd8PrEgc by @DavidGoldmanCNN $AMZN $QQQ
.@Intel investors are worried that @Apple could ditch its chips: https://t.co/jBuwNTWgZF $AAPL $INTC by @juliakhorowitz
.@Tesla shares soar after saying it doesn't need to raise cash this year:
https://t.co/EzmdYdV1qT $TSLA by @chrisidore
Trump administration takes aim at high drug prices for seniors: https://t.co/auGacmhCLh by @Luhby
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