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Why the Carlos Ghosn scandal matters https://t.co/qMN2J4G46z
Why this entrepreneur ditched architecture for chocolate https://t.co/nbIv4qQBrH
The Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq have all given up their gains on the year https://t.co/GwFTvEgY45
Stocks are tanking, and the tech world's richest executives are losing billions https://t.co/nAEcozMtxU
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg resisted growing calls for changes to his leadership team, reiterated the platform's potential as a force for good and pushed back at some of the critical coverage of his company in an exclusive interview with CNN Business https://t.co/Y7iNpoQrHc
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Stock market freakout: Wall Street bets the boom may be over https://t.co/QWBh9RZ8k1
”Right now, buying tech is a trap,” says Alicia Levine of BNY Mellon. US markets and tech stocks continue to fall as all three major indexes have now given up their gains on the year. https://t.co/aMxJntWEZM
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Crude, now at a 13-month low, has lost 30% of its value since hitting a four-year high in early October https://t.co/mrDIPuAZCO
TOMS has announced it is donating $5 million in an effort to end gun violence in the US. CEO Blake Mycoskie discusses his company's decision to promote greater gun control with @JChatterleyCNBC.
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Mark Zuckerberg says he believes Facebook is “a positive force because it gives more people a voice” despite criticism of the company’s transparency and handling of user data https://t.co/P3rT7FPfLA
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