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In a wide-ranging conversation with @LarryMadowo , Zambia’s new president Hakainde Hichilema shares his strategy to build back the country’s economy and get Covid-19 under control.

Nigerian recording artist and music executive @olamide_YBNL  is considered by many to be one of the top musicians in his genre.  But after more than ten years in the game, he’s not too concerned about where people place him.  See his full story this weeke #CNNAfricanVoicesd  on

Nigerian hitmaker @olamide_YBNL  has taken ove #CNNAfricanVoices  the official Apple Music playlist.  Listen to some of his hand-picked favorites by searchin #CNNAVC  for on the Apple Music app.

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"Currently the [poaching] situation is worse because most people have lost their jobs and they're resorting to poaching, as a way of earning their living." Bushmeat poaching is on the rise in Kenya as Covid hunger drives hunt for antelopes and giraffes

Passengers and cargo will soon be able to shoot through the Egyptian desert aboard a high-speed train, in a first for the country.

Paul Rusesabagina, who inspired the film ‘Hotel Rwanda,’ has been found guilty by a court in Kigali of being part of a terror group

Cameroonian biologist Aristide Takoukam Kamla is on a mission to preserve the fishing industry in his country. He enlists help from tiny insects to clear Lake Ossa of an invasive aquatic fern.

A swarm of bees killed 63 endangered penguins in South Africa


Evidence shows that live rounds were fired on peaceful protesters in Lagos, Nigeria – despite the army’s continued claims that they fired in the air and only used blanks. See the CNN investigation that refutes authorities’ shifting claims:

Here's how you can help protesters in Nigeria as they continue to hold nationwide demonstrations demanding an end to police brutality in the West African country

Nigerian police use teargas at protest demanding an end to police brutality in the country

Despite the announcement of the ban on the controversial police unit known as SARS, protesters in Nigeria's capital Abuja reported that police were using water cannons and firing live ammunition and teargas during a #ENDSARS  march on Sunday afternoon.

Nigerian protests turn bloody as soldiers open fire on peaceful protesters. Eyewitnesses told CNN that multiple demonstrators were shot by soldiers. @EleniGiokos  reports.

Nigeria's youth and celebrities organized mass nationwide protests demanding an end to police brutality in the country with the #EndSARS  campaign

At least 10 protesters have died in Nigeria at ongoing protests against police brutality. An effort to reform the police unit from SARS to SWAT appears to be little more than a rebranding exercise. @StephanieBusari  reports

Nigeria dissolves controversial anti-robbery squad, SARS, but concerns remain as protesters block roads, and continue marches to end police brutality in all forms and make rogue officers accountable. @StephanieBusari  reports

EXCLUSIVE: CNN investigation sheds new light on Nigeria’s anti-brutality protest | @StephanieBusari