"In the end, it wasn't even close," CNN's @ChrisCillizza  writes. | Analysis

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NEW: Over 70% of Californians are vaccinated with at least one dose. We now have the lowest COVID case rate in the nation. Vaccines are how we end this pandemic.

NEW: Right before the rally kicked off, Capitol Police say they arrested a man with a knife for a weapons violation.

#BREAKING France accuses Australia, US of 'lying' in 'serious crisis'

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NP View: Erin O'Toole and the Conservatives are right for Canada

Now that Google and Apple have caved to aid Putin’s dictatorship by censoring the opposition, they should at least now provide equal treatment to pro-Kremlin propaganda on their platforms as an act of neutrality. (Start with no more RT on YouTube?)

Still seems like more press than protesters. Less than one demonstrator per member of Congress as the scheduled event begins.

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Democrats have faced intense backlash to Covid-19 mask and vaccine mandates. But California's recall election, which felt like a referendum on coronavirus mandates, shows they are not only good policy, but also good politics.

House Democrats are attempting to pass the largest tax hike and spending bill in our nation’s history.

Afghans, including women and children, are visiting parks and public places a month after the Taliban captured Kabul

A small band of protesters decrying the treatment of the mob that overran the U.S. Capitol was dwarfed by hundreds of police officers and news reporters Saturday. Police said they had made two arrests, both for weapons violations.