JUST IN: One person is dead and another injured after a shooting in front of a private hospital in Paris, a police source says.

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In a Hong Kong warehouse, a swarm of autonomous robots works 24/7. They're not just working hard, they're working smart; as they operate, they get better at their job:

#MarketEdge  Torres on BTS fans: And they are so sweet! They sent food to our crew. They sent little candies, somebody got a chocolate cake. Others got meals. They had thank-you notes to our crew and managers for the hard work they put in to make this launch successful.

@MacFarlaneNews  on Jan. 6: "There's one plea agreement in a high level case, an accused OathKeeper charged with conspiracy. He's been offered witness protection and has agreed to cooperate with the feds ... that's the epicenter of the case right now."

There is no "ASEAN consensus" on the Myanmar coup. ASEAN is deeply divided. Other governments should stop waiting for the elusive consensus and start acting -- by depriving the junta of the revenue it needs to finance its killing machine.

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President Joe Biden is planning to lay out new steps to stem the U.S. crime wave - ahead of what the administration fears could be an especially violent summer. Wednesday's speech will deal in particular with gun crimes.

“We are seeing the effects of the toxic, devastating legacy of Donald Trump right now in the places that supported him the most,” says Chris Hayes.

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang concedes in NYC mayoral race

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WAKE UP: Americans are pushing back against liberal tyranny and it's working, says @Stinchfield1776 .