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Black newborn babies in the US are more likely to survive childbirth if they are cared for by Black doctors, but three times more likely to die when looked after by White doctors, a study finds.

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there was a person in the grocery store asking others to respect the six-feet & when people looked at them askew, they replied 'i lost someone recently.' i was too stunned to offer condolences but i'm sitting with how much invisible grief there is, all around us. its deep.

Eyewitness Testimony: @WaGuJohnSolomon  says he's seen concrete evidence revealing electoral fraud, ballot manipulation, and many other instances of cheating that the @realDonaldTrump  legal team will present in court #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

"Rudy was the original Donald Trump, the un-Dinkins. Just as Trump was the un-Obama. Designed as if in a laboratory to put white grievance against a historical Black leader in human form. 'Mr. Dinkins, would you please be my mayor?'" @JoyAnnReid  on David Dinkins. #thereidout 

“The tolerance that the institutional Republican party has for authoritarian, flatly anti-democratic politics to just overturn the election—the tolerance is luckily lower than the worst case fears. But it is way higher than anyone should be comfortable with,” says @chrislhayes .

JUST IN: Sidney Powell to sue Georgia officials over Dominion voting machines, 'foreign intrusion’

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The CDC is finalizing plans to shorten the recommended length of quarantine for those exposed to Covid-19, the agency says.

Black Friday#DealsForDays  continue with the #PS5  & #XboxSeriesX  ONLINE only tomorrow, Nov. 25. Due to high demand, they will now be available at 9 PM ET.

YouTube suspended One America News Network, one of the right-wing channels aggressively pushing false claims about widespread election fraud, for violating its policies on misinformation around the coronavirus.

On @OANN , anchor @PatrickHussion : “According to @theMRC  today, 82% of Biden voters were unaware of at least one scandal surrounding” him. “MRC says mainstream media may have shifted elections in six key states.” Details on @newsbusters :