Plane overloaded with cocaine crashes on take-off, exposing alleged crime syndicate

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People finally realized pitchforks weren't working and used dollars to fuck over Wall Street elites

Jeff Zients confirms Biden has changed policy & no longer keeps a fed stockpile of COVID vaccines. They send to states ASAP. Andy Slavitt answering my Q said, “We do not keep a stockpile...We keep a 2 to 3 day supply as a practice. That's it. The rest moves out to states.”

BREAKING: U.S. terrorism alert warns of potential for violence amid lingering anti-government sentiment following President Biden's election.

$1400 stimulus check gunna hit peoples accounts and a ton of bored young people are going to nuke more hedge funds They think they can send billions overseas while teachers get paid trash, while cities run dirty water, while our roads and bridges crumble This is on the elites

President Biden, catering to the far-left and their radical agenda will not move our country forward.

JUST IN: NASDAQ temporarily shuts down stock trading after internet trolls destroy hedge fund with GameStop stock

John Kerry, presidential climate envoy, announces Biden will be first president to have U.S. intelligence agencies study national security risks of climate change "The stakes on climate change just simply couldn't be any higher than they are right now. It is existential."

Second DC police officer commits suicide weeks after Capitol riot

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Names of Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu and gangster Lakka Sadana have also been included in an FIR registered in connection with the violence at Red Fort in Delhi on Jan 26. Sidhu was involved in the incident: Delhi Police (File photos)