Northern California

Seeing one mountain lion is rare enough -- but a home surveillance camera in Northern California captured five mountain lions hanging out together.

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Northern California

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced a new plan to battle “Big Tobacco” and reduce federal funding for police in states that do not legalize marijuana if racial disparities in the number of marijuana arrests remain static.

Air Canada says it was told by health authorities on Saturday that a passenger who flew from Montreal to Vancouver on Feb. 14 has since tested positive for COVID-19.

'Caroline loved love': Love Island dedicates final to Flack with tearful tribute from Laura Whitmore

WATCH: Pete Buttigieg responds to a nine-year-old boy's request for help coming out at a campaign event in Denver.

My take on today’s Newspoll as well as the absurdity of federal Coalition attacks on Labor’s zero emissions target (important to say FEDERAL Coalition because STATE Coalition government’s support the target...) #auspol  @australian 

Watching the @LoveIsland  final tonight & their moving tribute to this gorgeous girl. Still can’t believe it 😔 #carolineflack  #bekind 

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The G20 finance ministers and central bank heads wrapped up their two-day meeting overshadowed by coronavirus outbreak

When your first day of the new job goes to plan 😂