Nashville / San Antonio Columbus / Ohio

Electric scooter enthusiasts in Nashville, San Antonio and Columbus, Ohio, will have one less brand to ride starting next week

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Nashville / San Antonio Columbus / Ohio

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US-Chinese man convicted in Iran for spying to be freed in apparent exchange for release of Iranian held in US

Russia likely listened to Trump when he used unsecured phone to call Giuliani: security officials

"I do think it's indisputable that Donald Trump is hurting our relationships with our allies," reports @nytdavidbrooks 

Animal rights activists from Anima Naturalis group have staged protests & flash mobs in Spain for many years – and their demonstrations sometimes get pretty intense, don’t they?

U.S. farms recruit Mexican veterinarians to work as animal scientists — then use them as milkers. @journalsentinel 

The Washington Post reports that Trump is using an unsecure phone to talk with Rudy Giuliani and others, posing a significant national security threat. @AliVelshi  discusses these calls with @gregpmiller , @stengel , and @glennkirschner2 .

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Farmers and researchers have created a hybrid apple that they say will stay fresh for up to a year in the refrigerator.

Nearly every machine in a hospital is now outfitted with an alarm—infusion pumps, ventilators, bedside monitors tracking blood pressure, heart activity and a drop in oxygen in the blood. The glut of noise means the medical staff is less likely to respond.

Priests abused generations of boys at this Catholic school. Instead of reporting it, the order that runs the school -- and is specifically dedicated to protecting children -- withheld critical information from the Archdiocese for almost two decades.

Hillary Clinton says "fair question" to ask if Lindsey Graham "sold his soul to the devil"—"It's like he had a brain snatch"