Iraq / October / Independent Commission Human Rights

At least 301 people have been killed and nearly 15,000 have been injured in Iraq since the start of anti-government protests in October, the Independent High Commission for Human Rights of Iraq (IHCHR) said in a statement.

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Iraq / October / Independent Commission Human Rights

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A dangerous, violent confrontation is unfolding at #PolyU  in Hong Kong between protesters and police. Some students are posting their "last words" on social media in case they are killed. Ongoing escalation, and no exit ramp.

What if it were illegal for politicians to lie? Don’t scoff. We have truth in advertising laws. There are many industries in which a lie to the public would be illegal. Why don’t we demand truth from elected officials?

The @nytimes  has reported that Ukrainian Pres. Zelensky was set to make a public announcement of the investigations sought by Pres. Trump on my @CNN  program. So, I think I owe viewers my best understanding of what actually happened. My take:

Rep. Adam Schiff: "We will send that charlatan in the White House back to the golden throne he came from."

'I got my rights to do anything I want to do! I'm a police officer!' —This cop detained two Black shoppers for being 'suspicious' until another officer intervened

TO THE RESCUE: A group of concerned motorists stopped traffic to help save a dog that apparently got loose after its owners were involved in a car accident on a Houston highway.

If a candidate fails to win over African Americans, the fault is not those voters. It’s the messenger and their message. Or they simply thought someone else stood a better chance of winning. #uppers 

WATCH: A cheetah cub, Kris, and rescue puppy, Remus, nuzzle each other during a cute sleepover at the Cincinnati Zoo

"Make no mistake that everything the president is advocating only benefits the Kremlin. And if the Kremlin gets away with what it’s doing, which is in some cases murder, it is actually going to continue this." - Evelyn Farkas

White House backs Stephen Miller in wake of leaked emails showing he promoted white nationalist ideology

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