Republican / Secy Colin Powell / Congress…

“The Republican party has got to get a grip on itself,” Former Secy. of State Colin Powell on the state of the current GOP. “Republican leaders and members of the Congress… are holding back because they’re terrified of what will happen [to] any one of them if they speak out."

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Republican / Secy Colin Powell / Congress…

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This makes you sick to your stomach... #BULENG 

Mr. President, why is it taking you so long to condemn this video? You tweet all the time. I don't want to hear from your press secretary... who says you strongly condemn the video... I want to hear from YOU.

What an incredible video. Syrian army is seen passing U.S. troops on a main road near Kobani as American forces leave the area. U.S. out, Syria/Russia in. @akhbar 

In case you really want to #DeleteFacebook . Here's how to make it last:

Republicans are still refusing to answer basic questions about Trump bringing foreign nations into the 2020 election

Christopher Columbus statues were vandalized in California and Rhode Island

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Queen Elizabeth II opened a new session of UK parliament with a speech restating parliament's intention to leave the European Union by the end of October

An Amber Alert has been expanded to surrounding states as authorities search for a 3-year-old girl last seen at a birthday party in Birmingham, Alabama, city Police Chief Patrick Smith said Monday morning