Her manner is level and unflinching, her voice soft and halting and she admits she may be the most reluctant activist in modern times. But something about her raw honesty around a message of blunt-force fear turned this girl from invisible to global.

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The Doral G-7 thing is flatly unconstitutional, an obvious and insane abuse of power, and impeachable in its own right.

You cannot award yourself a government contract is about as canonical and central anti-corruption principle as there is!

The McConnell project is to use the minoritarian power of the Senate, along with the minoritarian power of the Presidency (via the electoral college) to stuff the courts with sentries who will spend their lives and careers frustrating liberal policy goals.

WATCH: Kasich says he'd back impeachment: Trump's behavior "cannot be tolerated"

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@BTS_twt  show love for @Lauvsongs  and their Army of fans in video for reworked "Make It Right"

It's....not even close. I can cite you chapter and verse of politicians who have gone to jail for steering government contracts to friends/cut-outs. This is even worse!

Clashes continue in Barcelona on fifth day of separatist protests

Police are currently responding to an incident at Manchester Arndale Centre. There is not believed to be a wider threat to the community. Follow our social media channels for further updates.

Catalonia endures its fifth day of mass protests and a general strike following the conviction of independence leaders by the Spanish Supreme Court

Clinton suggests Russia grooming 2020 Dem to run as third-party candidate

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