"I tell every candidate if you have not had your personal and campaign emails hacked, they will be," Clinton said. "So will the emails of people working for you. Your information will be stolen and then weaponized against you in the most pernicious ways."

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Perspective: America’s laws have always left our politics vulnerable to foreign influence

A possible "person of interest" was captured on grainy security footage that Alabama authorities hope will help find a 3-year-old girl who vanished from a birthday party, officials say.

Coming soon: a lil’ walk and talk, a lil’ matzah ball soup and a lil’ UFC 244 talk with the prolific @ActionBronson . Lovely day. (📷 @jasonrubin91 )

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Newly revealed instant messages between Boeing’s top technical pilots on the 737 MAX program indicate they experienced problems with a new flight control system on the plane three years ago in a simulator, but those problems were never revealed to the FAA.

In a copy of the messages obtained by NPR, the chief pilot calls the problems “egregious,” and he writes that he “basically lied to the regulators (unknowingly)” when telling the FAA the system was not safety critical.

Belgium to evacuate Isis suspects from Syria detention camps

2-year-old with cerebral palsy has clever Halloween costume that celebrates his disability

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#GraceAndFrankie co-stars Jane Fonda and Sam Waterston have been arrested in climate change protest

Knock knock Who's there Bear Bear who Bear-ries, ya'll got any? [Yes grapes are a type of berry]

With Tropical Storm Nestor moving through the Gulf of Mexico, emergency crews in New Orleans plan to use blow torches and explosives to demolish a pair of cranes teetering over a partially collapsed hotel project near the French Quarter