President / Barack Obama / Saudi Arabia

"If there's anything that's going to get under this President's skin, it is the former President, Barack Obama" From changing his stance on defending Saudi Arabia to Obama's book and TV deals, CNN's @donlemon  examines President Trump's gripes with his predecessor.

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President / Barack Obama / Saudi Arabia

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That debate was a s***show for the Democrats. Warren is an incredibly weak frontrunner; Biden seems even weaker. There’s a very good reason Democrats seem to be banking on the impeachment pursuit as a sort of break-glass-in-case-of-emergency solution to their political woes.

Hong Kong leader's annual policy speech adjourned after rowdy lawmakers disrupt proceedings

'Trump is the most corrupt president in the history of this country' — Watch@BernieSanders ' stirring call for a revolution during the last #DemDebate 

Joe Biden's sunsetting incoherence was made all the more apparent by the contrast with the surprisingly robust return of Sen. Bernie Sanders. #DemDebate 

Defiant message: Kim Jong Un rides a white horse on North Korea's most sacred mountain via @joshjonsmith 

Sen. Kamala Harris: "Donald Trump needs to be held accountable. He is indeed the most corrupt and unpatriotic president we have ever had." #DemDebate  #DemocraticDebate 

India has achieved annual growth exceeding 7% over the last 15 years, halved its poverty rate since the 1990s, says World Bank#WorldBank 

Shout out to all the plants growing through concrete.

Here's how the latest 3-hour #DemDebate  ended... Ellen's friendship with George Bush: 22 minutes Climate crisis: 0 minutes LGBTQ+ rights: 0 minutes Immigration: 0 minutes Racial justice: 0 minutes

GoC 15 Corps Lt General KJS Dhillon: I would like to assure the farmers in #Kashmir  that all possible security will be provided, they will be allowed to reap the harvest. I would assure security to all farmers in Kashmir, it'll be provided by the state. It is our responsibility.

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