American Meteorological Society

The dominant greenhouse gases released into the Earth's atmosphere reached record levels in 2018, and their global warming power is now 43% stronger than in 1990, according to a new report by the American Meteorological Society

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American Meteorological Society

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UPDATE: @LAPDHQ  says "Preliminary information is NO evidence of a shooting" at Westfield Topanga mall.

Being an introvert does not mean: 1. There’s no chaos (it’s on the inside) 2. You do not have something to say 3. You care less 4. You do not love to compete 5. You get bored 6. You lack ambition 7. You fear the unknown 8. You are selfish 9. You want less 10. You need to change

Catastrophic miscarriages of justice are not unusual in India

Paris celebrated the American soldiers, French Resistance fighters and others who liberated the City of Light from Nazi occupation exactly 75 years ago on Sunday, unleashing an eruption of kissing, dancing, tears and gratitude.

Seeing human vulnerability is rare. And refreshing. Photo c/o @hoIIaback 

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The parents of a 15-year-old California girl are being charged with a hate crime after they allegedly kidnapped and abused a boy they found in their daughter's closet.

Scientists accidentally discovered a plastic-eating enzyme that could revolutionize recycling.

A Facebook invite has urged UFO enthusiasts to gather on Sept. 20 and ‘storm’ Area 51. This tiny Nevada town near the military base is bracing for the more than 2 million who say they plan to attend. More in this week's ICYMI playlist via @ReutersTV 

Sushi is delivered via a train at this restaurant 🍣