Americans / Pew Center

A huge majority of Americans want there to be a way for immigrants living in the US illegally to stay in the country legally, if requirements are met, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center

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Americans / Pew Center

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‘I will go on until my last drop of blood.’ — Leaders of the Indigenous Mura tribe are speaking out as historic wildfires tear through their lands in the Brazilian Amazon

Hong Kong police use tear gas to counter petrol bombs thrown by protesters. More here:

Anthony @Scaramucci  on President Trump: "He may not have early stage dementia but he has early stage fascism. He's going after private citizens with the power of the presidency."

Germany is turning Japanese. Its problem is now so extreme that before long Japan might have to start worrying about turning German via @bopinion 

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The story of where enslaved Africans came from is one that most Americans have never heard, and that historians in recent decades have had to radically alter.

"Senseless disputes": E.U.’s Tusk says Trump’s trade wars are damaging global economy

Boris Johnson's long journey from being a Donald Trump hater to his best friend

👀 Check the United fan in the back ground, taking his shirt off and throwing it to the ground in disgust! 😳 FT: 1-2 Palace Win. United now with just 1 clean sheet in their last 19 PL games #MUNCRY 

Protesters chanting anti-Indian slogans during march for ‘independent #Kashmir ’ in #Srinagar 

“That’s all I need, is somewhere that I can call home.” Christopher Lewis, a homeless man who lives in a tent in Los Angeles' Skid Row, tells his story to CNN’s@smerconish . Lewis says he worked for 9 years helping people in Skid Row before losing his job and becoming homeless.