Federal Reserve / President

The Federal Reserve has held rates steady but raised the prospect for two potential rates cuts this year, as policy makers continue to weigh the right time to act amid concerns over President Trump's trade policies

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Federal Reserve / President

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Kodak was recently awarded a $765 million loan by Trump to produce pharmaceuticals. The company’s stock surged and the CEO received stock options just before the deal was announced. @SRuhle  says, "This story is not going away and we'll continue to dig."

So I called up a Kanye elector and he was cagey about why he had signed up for it. After, I googled him and saw there was an RNC delegate by the same name. I called him up again to ask and he said "Yup, that would be me." The call then quickly ended

One of Kanye West's electors in Vermont is also a delegate to the Republican National Convention this summer. I report for @NYMag 

Two new studies turn a spotlight on strategies that could be key in bringing children back to the classroom: scaled-up testing for Covid-19 cases, effective contact-tracing of those who test positive and isolation of those with symptoms or positive tests

Newly leaked video shows a police officer pointing a gun at George Floyd as he pleaded, "please don't shoot me." "A judge ultimately blocked the videos from this section of the arrest from being released," @AriMelber  reports.

Black women have been sticking up for the Democratic Party for a very long time. I think it’s time for the Democratic Party to stick up for Black women.” @VanJones68  says “it’s about time” Black women are being seriously considered for vice president.

The line has to be: no immediate restoration of postal service, no emergency coronavirus bill.

4.75M cases 157,000+ deaths Tens of millions unemployed Record economic fall On Saturday, Pres. Trump went golfing for the 283rd time

Dr. Desmond Carson on Americans' so-called right to go maskless says "our rights are going to kill us." "We have a separation of church and state, there damn well needs to be a separation of health and state. We should follow…the guidelines of the public health officials."

HERE TO HELP: California firefighters rescued a lost dog found wandering near the massive Apple Fire that's burned thousands of acres near Palm Springs. Firefighters say they gave the dog some food and water before bringing him to animal care officials.