Facing slippery road conditions, these firefighter paramedics decided to get out of their ambulance and walk a mile on ice to push an injured patient to the hospital

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People experiencing homelessness around the world can't simply stay home to protect themselves from #COVID19 . Here's a look at why they're so vulnerable and what's being done to protect them..

Tuesday's Financial Times: "Johnson moved to intensive care as persistent symptoms worsen" (via @Helena_J_L  #TomorrowsPapersTodaye #BBCPapers)

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Ma'am -- if you're going to ask a question about the Inspector General, you should probably know his name. @whca 

President Trump: "Stay inside. And, let's win this. And, let's get our country open as soon as we can. I think it's going to be sooner than people think. Things are going really well. Again, light at the end of the tunnel." Note: Trump has said this will likely be worst week.

Wisconsin's Supreme Court rules that Gov. Tony Evers cannot postpone the state’s presidential primary, striking down his order to move the vote to June over coronavirus fears. Barring an appeal, the election will go forward Tuesday.

Next U.S. stimulus bill will be at least another $1 trillion, Pelosi tells Democrats

40 public policy experts call for safety net for temporary workers - anybody listening? via @ConversationEDU 

Exposing China’s Lies: @Lancegooden  says China is trying to bring their propaganda campaign to the U.N. and needs to be held accountable for hiding the severity of the Wuhan Virus. #AmericaFirst  #KAG2020  #Dobbs 

Trump now yelling at a female reporter to ask questions more nicely and praise him.

The widely watched coronavirus briefings of Quebec’s deputy health minister have turned him into a celebrity — with his face now on T-shirts, memes and social media videos. "He's like the dad who's telling you not to panic."