Cabinet / Senate

As the Trump administration begins its third year, a quarter of the President's Cabinet is filled by acting department heads. Across the government, almost 40% of key leadership positions that require Senate confirmation are vacant.

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Cabinet / Senate

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"I'm told DeMarcus Cousins plans to remain with the Lakers for the remainder of the season to continue rehabbing his torn ACL." NBA Insider@ShamsCharania  reports on Cousins' status following Markieff Morris' commitment to the Lakers.

“A squeaky, angry minority.” MSNBC is gonna be must-watch TV the next few weeks. Carville follows by calling Putin the real winner today.

Why are intelligence briefings about election interference classified? Shouldnt all voters know the details of these activities? & if the data need to be classified, then can those handling this intel keep it classified! Partial leaks, maybe for political purposes, are not right

‘If we lose rural health care, we will see our communities literally die.’ — More than 30 million Americans now live at least an hour away from critical care, so Iowa congresswoman @Axne4Congress  is fighting to protect rural health care access in her state and across the country

JUST IN: Universities to suspend teaching in Milan next week amid coronavirus concerns

‘A travesty and a disgrace’: Trump quietly issues memo that could abolish union rights for 750,000 federal workers

Elizabeth Warren to be in San Antonio Thursday for town hall event with Julián Castro

James Carville: Putin is trying to help Sen. Sanders because Putin wants President Trump to win. It's a straight line. "I don't think Sanders wants Putin to help ... I think they don't like this story, but the story is a fact."

NEVADA CAUCUSES UPDATE: With 4% of precincts in, Bernie Sanders leads as voters' initial choice, with 34% support.

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