President Trump / Alice Johnson White House / Kim Kardashian West

BREAKING: President Trump has commuted the life sentence of Alice Johnson following a White House meeting last week with Kim Kardashian West, who lobbied for her release

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President Trump / Alice Johnson White House / Kim Kardashian West

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@WHO  holds a briefing on the latest coronavirus developments

LOOK: The "strawberry moon" as seen from Pinamungajan, Cebu at 6:40 p.m., Friday. (📷Tyrone John Suroysuroy) | via @JamesAmante 

President Trump to @Yamiche  as she asks him questions while signing the PPP bill: "You are something else"

Trump says his "plan" for systemic racism is a strong economy: "We had the strongest economy anywhere in the world, and now we're going to have an economy that's even stronger." Reporter: "Sir, how would a better economy have protected George Floyd?"

Trump claiming the biggest comeback in American history while we are still in the midst of not one but three of the biggest crises of the past century makes Bush's "Mission Accomplished" moment look like a masterstroke of good timing, honest analysis and restraint.

As Trump heads to Maine today the @PressHerald  is welcoming him with this message: "President Trump: We’re sorry that you decided to come to Maine, but since you are here, could you do us a favor? Resign."

COVID-19 is spreading fast through Brazil's indigenous populations, with deaths caused by the disease increasing more than five-fold in the past month

"Get your rest, George," Rev. Al Sharpton said at the memorial. "You changed the world."

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday said New York City police officers found to have mistreated protesters face suspension, a day after officers again surrounded crowds of protesters and charged them as a citywide curfew took effect. Follow the latest updates.