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4 minutes
President Trump on Hurricane Maria: “I’ve never seen winds like this." https://t.co/11zmtDmy5S
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22 minutes
Drone footage shows a collapsed building in Mexico City after a 7.1-M earthquake left more than 200 people dead https://t.co/6jogen5UxA
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32 minutes
Watch the moment extreme wind from Hurricane Maria blows a fence over in San Juan, Puerto Rico https://t.co/v43pwLqPGo
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40 minutes
The four numbers that show the size and strength of Hurricane Maria. Follow for live updates: https://t.co/pGuJZSJ2Um
47 minutes
A ninth victim has died after a Florida nursing home failed to evacuate its residents after Hurricane Irma https://t.co/E3dNr3WuhG
56 minutes
How Jimmy Kimmel became the conscience of the health care fight | Analysis by @CillizzaCNN https://t.co/ZVVFcbhZn6
59 minutes
The first look at San Juan, Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria moved through the city.

Follow live updates: https://t.co/x610mzW4FT
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France's President Macron says he wants to convince President Trump not to pull out of the Paris climate agreement https://t.co/uJA2OXwV7A
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The Australian refugee deal that Donald Trump once derided as "stupid" and "horrible" is going ahead https://t.co/X8EHsstkIo
Germany's car industry has a tough new critic: Chancellor Angela Merkel https://t.co/LxAsJokM2d
Sen. John McCain bucked his party once. Will he do it again? https://t.co/IvFgRBbHzf
Storm chaser in the middle of Hurricane Maria: "It was a heck of a ride" https://t.co/4NYYivBBgZ https://t.co/cX3eGCw1Uc
How the iconic "Whose streets? Our streets!" chant has been co-opted https://t.co/b3LSVx2l7x
At 155 mph, Maria is the strongest hurricane to make landfall in Puerto Rico since a 1928 Category 5 storm (160 mph) https://t.co/xOJ4xKunoc
Storm chaser on Maria’s extreme wind: “The only other hurricane that I can compare it to… is Hurricane Charley in South Florida” in 2004.
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See the moment children were discovered and rescued from a school after a 7.1M earthquake hit near Mexico City https://t.co/fTxSCzPU61
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Biden calls out review of Obama-era Title IX guidance, cites "new challenges" in combating campus sexual assault https://t.co/UxkMZOQmvl
Looking for news updates on a weak phone connection? Get the text-only version of CNN's top stories, also en Español https://t.co/HkoJyA4UZZ
It's easy to see the physical damage from a major storm, but there can be a psychological toll to look out for, too https://t.co/xUydwKyg4c
Sen. Bill Cassidy responds to Jimmy Kimmel: “I’m sorry he does not understand.” Under new health care bill “more people will have coverage”
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