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10 minutes
Sen. Lindsey Graham says some of President Trump's White House staff have "irrational" views on immigration https://t.co/Vmzyvbt5uY
17 minutes
As the Women's March anniversary approaches, divisions in the movement's strategy have emerged https://t.co/4PxbUIwk6Q
26 minutes
President Trump says the worst results of a possible government shutdown would be the impact on the US military https://t.co/wMv8n7rXbw
40 minutes
In the same poll, 48% of Americans approve of how the Trump administration has handled ISIS, 44% say the economy has improved since Trump took office and 18% say it has gotten worshttps://t.co/hytUzRwzVLe
40 minutes
According to the NPR/PBS/Marist poll, 53% of Americans see Trump's first year as a failure, and 61% believed he is doing more to divide the country than unite ihttps://t.co/hytUzRwzVLt
42 minutes
Two new polls show President Trump's approval rating at 37% nearly one year into his presidency https://t.co/hytUzRwzVL
53 minutes
A drone came to the rescue of two swimmers off the coast of Australia, hovering above their heads and dropping a pod to help guide them back to shore
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House Speaker Paul Ryan is holding a news conference as a government shutdown looms.

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JUST IN: 2017 was one of the hottest years on record, ranked as the second-warmest by NASA and third-warmest by NOAA https://t.co/TA2iTzZUWZ
Two American and two Canadian citizens have been abducted by unknown gunmen in Kaduna, a state in Northern Nigeria, a spokesperson for the Kaduna State Police tell CNN https://t.co/CsDjBqW476
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