Preet Bharara / Saturday

Happening now: Preet Bharara exits U.S. Attorney's office after being fired on Saturday.

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Preet Bharara / Saturday

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I’d be very interested to read what the ethics committee of their unis said about this study.

@BernieSanders  That bs was pushed by oil & gas interests to distract people from the $5 *trillion* per year they receive in subsidies. Bernard Sanders is a docile puppet of big oil!

@BernieSanders  And why aim your attacks at Tesla, when we’re doing more than any other company on Earth to advance green/sustainable energy? Have you read the news?

Where is the money? A lot of it is missing. They made the classic mistake of getting too greedy.

Bank of America stocks chief considers leaving after being snubbed

Analysis: There was no political incentive — other than public need — for the White House and Congress to reach a deal. So they didn't. - @jonallendc 

Anti-pedo rally in Chicago kicking off again today at State & Lake. Chants of “where’s the media,” with honks of support. 🦾🦾 US 🔥 @ABC  @CNN  @MSNBC  #SAVETHECHILDERN  #EndChildTrafficking 

The best #WeekendReading  from across Asia, handpicked by our editors. Here's a tech report about how innovative startups in Japan are engaged in a #BattleOfTheBatteries  to create high-performance power packs that could become the next global standard.

Dividend Champion And Contender Highlights: Week Of August 9. #investing  #stocks  #economy