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BREAKING: Xi Jinping has been reappointed as China's president with no limit on the number of terms he can serve - AP

BREAKING: Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces immediate termination of FBI’s Andrew McCabe, who was slated to retire on Sunday. https://t.co/jn8limUSe7

BREAKING: Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe fired, just days before retirement on Sunday - Washington Post

More: Qualcomm director Paul Jacobs will not be re-nominated to board after telling board he has decided to explore taking the firm private; company says if Jacobs makes an offer, they will evaluate ithttps://t.co/4boey3Crzj.
BREAKING: Qualcomm says Paul Jacobs will not be re-nominated to its board; it reached decision "following his notification to the Board that he has decided to explore the possibility of making a proposal to acquire"

Exclusive: Amazon is hiring a former FDA official to work on its secretive health tech business, CNBC has learned. https://t.co/ElNYpPy9bt
Stocks fall for the week on rising trade tensions https://t.co/Oi1749xLi2
BREAKING: Second Nike executive, VP Jayme Martin, leaves in wake of workplace complaints; Nike brand president exited company yesterday - Dow Jones

NEW: Justice Dept. widening Wells Fargo probe to wealth management unit, FBI agents have interviewed Wells Fargo wealth management employees - Dow Jones

Wells Fargo shares falling to session low after report.

WTI crude continues to extend gains, briefly hitting $62.01 at session high https://t.co/fZY51vsnaL
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