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“Most people in the real world don’t know what we do & that’s fine”- Sir Robert Stheeman head of govts Debt Management Office.” @FT  Given Sir Robert borrowed £2 trillion on behalf of UK taxpayers that’s not just fine.

@pc4media  Don’t forget understanding the fundamental metrics of a subscription business. I’m shocked when I interview director level folks from $10m+ SaaS Co and they don’t understand impact of churn, upgrades, gross margin on LTV or what goes into CAC or how their team affects metrics.

So Mnuchin, who thinks tax cuts pay for themselves, says Greta Thunberg should study economics; and Mike Pompeo lashes out at a *national security reporter* over whether she could find Ukraine on a map 1/

Billionaire manager Glenn Dubin is retiring from running his hedge fund to focus on direct investing through his family office

it’s a sign of the times that the head of VW’s work council is demanding that part of the EU’s green new deal money should go to the car industry.

Has there ever been a team with so much unearned arrogance? Btw, Thunberg is right about the economics 2/

U.K., European and American banks plan to ask the British government for as much as $5.2 billion annually in tax breaks post-Brexit

Legalizing cannabis would generate $20 million in revenue for New York in fiscal 2021, growing to $188 million by fiscal 2025, Cuomo projects.