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This is it, folks! The #IowaCaucus  kicks off the U.S. presidential primaries. Who would you vote for? #cnbcpoll 

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Rep. Ratcliffe: Much of what Adam Schiff is saying to the American people isn't true @RepRatcliffe  @SundayFutures  @FoxNews 

“You don’t want to talk about transparency? I’ll talk about transparency. I like transparency. I’m the most transparent president in history.” Trump, asked whether his tweets attacking Marie Yovanovitch were “witness tampering,” called the #ImpeachmentHearings  a "disgrace"

The Trump tax cut has been a big flop — huge giveaways to corporations, no visible rise in investment. So the critics were right, and the supporters wrong 1/

@business  Police fire water cannons as hundreds of protesters barricaded inside Hong Kong Polytechnic University hurl firebombs back at them #HongKongProtests  #香港 #PolyU 

No, really, demand for the Aramco IPO is fine. Where are the customers yachts? Special commemorative Riyadh edition

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"I got something important really wrong." Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg apologized for not moving faster to reduce police stops under a “stop-and-frisk” policy while he was in office that critics said targeted blacks and Hispanics

Large parts of European consumers still prefer to pay cash, thus limiting opportunities for new data-driven business models around Open Banking. Read more in our European Payments study:

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Joe Biden when President Trump and Kim Jong Un alley oop dunk on him

Suicide rates for people in same-sex marriages in Denmark and Sweden declined at a steeper rate than the general population over recent decades, a new study found. Researchers say this could be due to gay marriage legalization and expanded rights for same-sex couples