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#TopStory | The @wef kicks off in @Davos . International Monetary Fund warns that global growth expansion is losing momentum & trims its forecast for 2019 but expects growth in India to pick up to 7.5% in next FY. Details at 9 PM on India Biz Hour | @ShereenBhan#wef19#Davos2019
China's GDP slows down to 6.6% in 2018, the slowest pace of growth in nearly 3 decades. IMF expects growth to slowdown even further to 6.2% this year & calls it a 'key risk' to global growth | Details At 9 PM On India Business Hour @ShereenBhan
IMF Chief Economist Gita Gopinath bats for an independent @RBI adds that central bank reserves are fickle & must be managed carefully | Details At 9 PM On India Business Hour @ShereenBhan
"Farm loan waivers don’t solve the problem permanently; have to work with farmers to cushion against crashing prices, " Gita Gopinath tell @ShereenBhans @IMFNews @wef #wef19 @Davos #CNBCTV18Exclusive #Davos2019

"Two major risks for global growth, worsening of financial conditions, escalation in trade tension, the two are now intertwined, " Gita Gopinath tell @ShereenBhans @IMFNews @wef #wef19 @Davos #CNBCTV18Exclusive #Davos2019

#Davos2019 | Gita Gopinath, #IMF, says the question is if RBI has enough reserves to maintain stability of the economy. Reserves can be fickle, need to be kept in mind while looking at capital framework

@IMFNews @wef #wef19 @Davos #CNBCTV18Exclusive @ShereenBhan
IMF's Gita Gopinath talks to @ShereenBhan about global growth, widening wealth gap, trade wars #WEF19 #Davos2019 https://t.co/rlexN6yEnB
2 days after 23 opposition parties came together in Kol, FM Jaitley dubs 2019 battle as 'Modi vs Chaos'. Spl show https://t.co/HoGSK2kh4w
RBI releases a policy paper on Authorisation Of New Retail Payment Systems for public comments; invites comments on the policy paper from all stakeholders & public by February 20
#Davos2019 | IMF's Global Growth Outlook: Global trade growth has slowed to well below 2017 averages @IMFNews @wef #wef19 @Davos

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