JUST IN: The Dow surges more than 450 points, closing above 30,000 for the first time ever.

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“America can’t sit on the sidelines in the race for the future.” President Biden signs a “Buy American” executive order to support domestic manufacturing.

A big missed opportunity of the pandemic is not tapping into the ~100 million Americans who have a smartwatch or fitness band—a continuous, passive metric to track emerging case clusters @NatureElectron  @detect_study 

SCOOP: The endowment funds of Harvard, Yale, Brown and UMich have been quietly buying #bitcoin  through Coinbase and other exchanges, CoinDesk has learned. @IanAllison123  reports

For anybody curious about how the reconciliation process evolved into a way to pass giant spending bills while doing an end-run around the filibuster, the former Senate parliamentarian gave a great little oral history back in 2010. Starts at around 50:00.

UK residents flying back from Covid hotspots face hotel quarantine

In 1854 the shah of Iran wanted to fly American flags from his merchant ships

Two brothers are emerging at the center of Washington’s new power axis, one as a lobbyist and the other as an aide to President Biden

@KGeorgievaEU  at t @CASsummit2021e  #Climateaction  is good for: ⚕️Health 👨‍🏭Jobs 📈Growth 🌍Planet Read the remarks of our Managing Director ▶️ #ClimateAdaptation 

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The rally since 2009 has been described as an 'epic bubble' characterised by 'extreme overvaluation'. Bitcoin, the most speculative bet of them all, has raced to new extremes. Popular stocks like Tesla continue to defy efforts at sober valuation

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“I am going to shut down the virus,” Biden declared. “I never said I’d do it in 2 months.”