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Shares of Trump-linked SPAC surge more than 180% following news of social media deal

Union Pacific Company chairman and CEO Lance Fritz weighs in on the company beating third-quarter earnings, broader supply chain issues and future guidance.

TODAY ON SQUAWK POD: WeWork finally makes its public market debut as the world of work continues to transform after the coronavirus pandemic. Listen and follow the @SquawkCNBC  podcast here or on your favorite podcast platform:

Op-Ed: Sen. Dick Durbin's message to the FDA: Vaping targets kids

Greycroft Venture partner @KamranAnsari  joins @SquawkAlley  to discuss Pinterest and Paypal after the two companies flirted with the possibility of a merger.

The Education Department is planning to turn student loan payments back on for 40 million people. Here's what could be ahead for these borrowers.

The top 10 U.S. companies for work-life balance, according to Glassdoor (via @CNBCMakeIt )

Ghislaine Maxwell loses bid to seal jury questions before trial in Jeffrey Epstein-linked sex case

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Are you part of the @BTS_twt  #ARMY  yet? There's a reason why the band has sold millions of albums and could generate $37 billion in economic value for South Korea in the next 10 years.

The U.S. shouldn’t bail out billionaires and hedge funds during the coronavirus pandemic, Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya says. “Who cares? Let them get wiped out.”

SpaceX accepts Dogecoin as payment to launch 'DOGE-1 mission to the Moon' next year

Coinbase says it will add dogecoin transactions in the next six to eight weeks

American billionaires got $434 billion richer during the pandemic

The wealthiest 10% of Americans own a record 89% of all U.S. stocks

Wearing a mask can reduce coronavirus transmission by 75%, new study claims

Mark Cuban says dogecoin is the 'strongest' cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange (via @CNBCMakeIt )