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Atlantic senior editor, James Beard Award-winner, author of The Joy of Coffee.

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"Booker campaigns like he’s breathing, quick on his feet...Why, when Booker consistently gives the best, most uplifting, most audience-electrifying speeches, does that energy not translate into higher poll numbers?" @IsaacDovere :

"The flavors are deep and enveloping; they tend to open and change in your mouth, and linger after you swallow, like wine." Dueling Gotham-reviews day, this from @pete_wells .

"If working at Aurora was an apprenticeship in haute cuisine, working at the Fort was an education in injuries of class that are invisible from the dining room." Charming piece by @adamshatz  about outgrowing wanting to be a cook and, maybe, outgrowing food:

"But three elements of this debacle ought to be particularly concerning for the Trump White House." @GrahamDavidA :

"Here’s what enemies of a free press don’t understand. While we might work for different news organizations,to be part of this endeavor is to be part of a community and a cause larger than ourselves. If you are in danger,we have your back. @laurenepowell :

Listening to v interesting @kojoshow  on the need for food critics of color.

@kojoshow  Caller to @kojoshow  describes the pictures of writers and bloggers up in every kitchen she worked in: a "sea of white faces. " @Rock_Harper  on high-level meetings when he was chef of B. Smith strategizing how to get @tomsietsema  in. What worked? He picked up the phone and said yes.

Thanksgiving project: start a @kickstarter  for the family farm that was the past, present, and should be the future of the country--but not for the tireless couple @coreykilgannon  beautifully writes about today.

Guest at Thanksgiving, complimenting the gravy: That's made from the turkey droppings, right?

Ponzi, but maybe she rebranded it


"Any high school student knows exactly what the drinking age is. Kavanaugh knew. He just plain lies. And he seems not to care. Trump changed all understandings of what would be acceptable or disqualifying. Kavanaugh is doing the same." :

The Dunning-Kruger effect, in which the incompetent person is too incompetent to understand his own incompetence.

. changed the way we thought about restaurants and the people who worked there, and started a fascination with kitchen staffs that will lead to better working conditions. But that voice. Nobody wrote like him, though many tried.

This @TheAtlantic  piece by @carlsonmargaret  is SO GOOD. Take-home: leave a ten on the hotel bathroom counter. Every time.

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"This is the first case someone is being pardoned for *using state power toward racist ends.*" @JamesFallows :

"It’s theoretically possible Kavanaugh pledged the DKE fraternity at Yale even though he didn’t like to get drunk a lot — in the same way it’s also possible that somebody might join the Whiffenpoofs even though he doesn’t like to sing." :

"'Leverage: don’t make deals without it.' The words appeared under Donald Trump’s byline in The Art of the Deal. Trump did not write them, and he seems not to have understood how to apply them." :

Finally, heroin being treated as public health prob it is, not criminal. Why? Maybe bec 90% of new users are white.

"Wolf wasn’t, in the end, speaking to those 3,000 guests, or for them; she was speaking to all the people who weren’t in that room. She was the one holding power to account." :

"They know what they don’t know--to me the most consistent marker of real intelligence. On the other hand, we have what is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect: the more limited someone is in reality, the more talented the person imagines himself to be."