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@dhmeyer 's @USHGNYC  "appears to be the first major restaurant group in the city to preemptively shut indoor and outdoor dining. "Nearly 100 employees were laid off. They will receive two weeks worth of salary and health insurance through January 1, 2021."

"There’s another big reason schools are closed while restaurants are open: money. "'It’s a really fragile time for small businesses. Add a new lockdown—that’s just a recipe for businesses who have made it this far not being able to go any further.'”

'Soon you’re spending so much time marketing that things in the field go sideways. Before you know it, you’re barely scraping by—and devoting your non-existent spare time to an off-farm money-making gig to subsidize your farming habit." @tomphilpott :

Good advice from @linseymarr : "Gather outdoors (like the pilgrims!). Maintain distance and wear a mask when you’re not eating. Open the windows and consider adding a portable air cleaner. Take a break every 30 minutes and go for a walk to air out the room."

Don't drag crepe suzette into it please.

"Once dessert was over, everyone jumped in line to do the Cupid Shuffle or the Wobble." No wonder @howamericaeats  wrote a thesis about "collective effervescence"--the couple @kimseverson  writes wonderfully about embody it.

"Much of the traditional Thanksgiving feast can be cooked in the same oven, even on the same sheet pan with a little salt and butter or oil. And I’d open my favorite can of jellied cranberry sauce and serve it sliced with those lovely ridges." @AnitaLoNYC :

"It shouldn't be rocket science to call contacts, use cheap technologies, and empower staff to make decisions in real time. Yet the improvised nature of @WCKitchen’s work is a reimagining of food aid." @jane_black 's definitive profile of @chefjoseandres :

"Lopez belongs to a thread of L.A. female restaurateurs who all fret for the future. She puts the blame on health officials who punish the good restaurants because of the bad ones — and the bad ones for screwing it up for the good." @GustavoArellano :


"Any high school student knows exactly what the drinking age is. Kavanaugh knew. He just plain lies. And he seems not to care. Trump changed all understandings of what would be acceptable or disqualifying. Kavanaugh is doing the same." :

The Dunning-Kruger effect, in which the incompetent person is too incompetent to understand his own incompetence.

. changed the way we thought about restaurants and the people who worked there, and started a fascination with kitchen staffs that will lead to better working conditions. But that voice. Nobody wrote like him, though many tried.

This @TheAtlantic  piece by @carlsonmargaret  is SO GOOD. Take-home: leave a ten on the hotel bathroom counter. Every time.

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"This is the first case someone is being pardoned for *using state power toward racist ends.*" @JamesFallows :

“One-time emergency money is great, but it’s not how you get the right supplies for future crises,” said John Auerbach, who leads Trust for America’s Health. “A forest fire is not the right time to start hiring firemen and buying firetrucks. It’s too late.”

Finally, heroin being treated as public health prob it is, not criminal. Why? Maybe bec 90% of new users are white.

"It’s theoretically possible Kavanaugh pledged the DKE fraternity at Yale even though he didn’t like to get drunk a lot — in the same way it’s also possible that somebody might join the Whiffenpoofs even though he doesn’t like to sing." :

"'Leverage: don’t make deals without it.' The words appeared under Donald Trump’s byline in The Art of the Deal. Trump did not write them, and he seems not to have understood how to apply them." :

"Does the fact that I employ almost as many people in Georgia as Caterpillar does matter? No. Does Caterpillar get millions of dollars? Yes. I had $26 in my checking account last week. I’m borrowing funds from people I know to pay payroll." @HughAcheson :