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We are the Nation's first line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go.

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The next installment will be available in November with subsequent releases each month through January 2019. To read more of these declassified reports, check out the first and second installments.


19 hours
Other topics featured in these summaries from 1947 include, the political and economic chaos in Greece, the scramble to secure petroleum supplies across the world, and an arms race in Palestine.
19 hours
Today’s release includes 887 pages of Daily Summary reports from 1947—the year the United States unveiled its strategy for countering the expansion of communism, later known as the Truman Doctrine.
19 hours
Today we released the 3rd set of declassified daily intelligence reports President Harry Truman received from CIA & our predecessor organization, the Central Intelligence Group, between 1946 & 1951.

At CIA #NDEAM, is an opportunity to continue acknowledging and celebrating the vast contributions of CIA officers with disabilities, promoting cultural understanding, and highlighting disability employment issues.
CIA is hosting keynote speakers and holding weekly panels in October, focusing on topics such as blind/low vision, deaf/hard of hearing, physical/mobility challenges, and hidden disabilities. This allows officers to learn what they can do to make CIA's culture more inclusive.
At Director Gina Haspel's first public address, she highlighted diversity and inclusion as one of her top priorities. In line with that priority, CIA leadership is working to raise awareness of #NationalDisabilityEmploymentAwarenessMonth.

Learn more: https://t.co/okQgev7dyp
Cornered in a valley, the enemy took rifle shots at his pursuers. Two bullets grazed the headset, one on each side, just inches from the officer’s face. Fearing for his team’s safety, the officer called in an air strike on the enemy’s position.
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Headphones with Bullet Strikes

A CIA officer wore this communication headset as he led his indigenous team in pursuit of a high-ranking enemy in Afghanistan in 2009.


Last week, CIA Director Gina Haspel returned to her home state of Kentucky to share her perspective on leading the Agency & outline her strategic priorities.

Ch@uofleck out the video of her speech here: https://t.co/bKNPKFmpMe
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