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14 hours
Next installment of “The Daily Summary: Informing President Truman” will be out in SEPT w releases monthly through JAN 2019.
Collection will total 3,000+ pages & includes intel Truman received on Berlin Airlift, the Chinese Revolution, & the Korean War.

14 hours
Today’s release also includes:
-First 20 Daily Summary reports, highlighting intel Truman received to help address challenges US faced in aftermath o #WWIIf
-1973 report, “Keeping the President Informed,” about the evolution of the Daily Summarhttps://t.co/DhHUVpDBPYy

14 hours
Known then as “The Daily Summary,” the product continues today as the President’s Daily Brief (PDB). Today’s release includes a chapter from forthcoming history of the PDB by our Chief Historianhttps://t.co/PYY0TevktN:

Brief history of the Daily Summarhttps://t.co/7bQqfOhP1jy:
14 hours
Today we released the first set of declassified material in a series of 6 releases of the daily intelligence report President Harry Truman received from CIA & our predecessor organization, the Central Intelligence Group, between 1946 & 1951.

CAT would to fly commercial routes throughout Asia, acting in every way as a privately owned commercial airline, but at the same time, under the corporate guise of CAT Incorporated, it provided airplanes & crews for secret intelligence operations.
CIA Museum AotW: Civil Air Transport Souvenir Bag
#CAT travelers received bags as complimentary gifts.

In August 1950, CIA secretly purchased assets of CAT, airline started in China after #WWII by Gen. Claire Chennault & Whiting Willauer.

Your foreign language skills can help protect everything we value. Explore foreign language careers:

Directorate of Operations Language Officer: https://t.co/s0ktJNosgp
All foreign language opportunities: https://t.co/OXIlrcccw9
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week:

The Airmen’s Bond #Painting by Keith Woodcock
2008 Oil on Canvas

The counts were added to an indictment for a 1993 ambush that killed 18 US soldiers in Somalia.

Criminal complaint remained until June 2011, shortly after the al-Qa’ida mastermind was killed.

20th Anniversary of the US Embassy Bombings in East Africa:https://t.co/bCo8r103Hx
Working closely wit @FBIh , the op also seized computers that contained details of another terrorist plot.

3 months after Africa bombings, a federal grand jury in NY charged Bin Ladin w orchestrating them & conspiring to commit other acts of terrorism against Americans abroad.
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