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'CHANEL is above all a style. Fashion passes, style remains.' Gabrielle Chanel

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The Museum of Arts and Crafts of Hamburg will present the first retrospective of Austrian fashion photographer Madame d’Ora, featuring costumes and portraits of #GabrielleChanel.
The #MademoisellePrive exhibition is coming to Hong Kong starting on January 13th.
Download the #MademoisellePriveHKHK app and reserve your tickets on the app and ohttps://t.co/kXal9subH9n
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Twisted braids embroideries, inspired from the sailors codes, were made by Maison Lesage's craftmen for the #CHANELMetiersdArt 2017/18 collection. #CHANELinHamburg
The #CHANELMetiersdArt 2017/18 show is a tribute to the craftsmanship of the embroidery, feather-making, millinery and bootmaking ateliers. Read more about the collection on https://t.co/jsnD60pIEa #CHANELinHamburg
Handpainted feathers striped dress made by Maison Lemarié for the #CHANELMetiersdArt 2017/18 collection. #CHANELinHamburg More illustrations on https://t.co/iSVAKHLy29
Sailor’s bag in canvas and quilted leather from the #CHANELinHamburg 2017/18 collection. #CHANELMetiersdArt
The story of the #CHANELMetiersdArt 2017/18 show in Hamburg. See more about the collection on https://t.co/ph9nOqukW9
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Making-of the #CHANELinHamburg collection in the #CHANELMetiersdArt workshops. See more on https://t.co/ph9nOqukW9
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The colors of Hamburg and its tangle of streets, canals, bridges and brick warehouses inspired the #CHANELinHamburg tweeds. #CHANELMetiersdArt
Woven patterns of the #CHANELinHamburg collection draw inspiration from Hamburg’s multicolored containers. #CHANELMetiersdArt
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