Charles Gasparino

Charles Gasparino

Charles Gasparino joined FOX Business Network (FBN) in February 2010 as Senior Correspondent. God, Country, Pullups and Vodka in that order

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Bloomberg Hiring Campaign Staff Despite Flagging Polls: Report via @mediaite 

SCOOP @MikeBloomberg , unfazed by polls, looking to build 2020 campaign staff for possible run #FoxBusiness 

so much for an immediate recap and release that the #fanniegate  crowd was humping. $FNMA $FMCC

Breaking—Dem insiders tell @FoxBusiness  backlash against @elizabethforma ’s Medicare For All has opened the race to new comets and stren @JoeBidenthened  m @TeamCavutore  now

Gym-goers clock each other with exercise equipment in wild brawl

110-year-olds live so long thanks to ‘super’ immune systems: study

Was Sonny Liston murdered? New doc examines heavyweight champ's death


Just heard @POTUS  at this rally complaining about the use of anonymous sources. For the record he was one of mine over the years.

SCOOP: @TulsiGabbard  breaks bread with Wall Street fat cats at @huntandfishnyc ; event sponsored by Dem fundraiser @robertwolf32  as she is said to weigh third-party run more now @FoxBusiness  @TeamCavuto  dotcom story to come

Top @marcorubio  donors say barring a positive poll, the Senator will suspend his campaign prior to the Fla primary.

#BreakingNews -- Private equity business flood GOP leadership with campaign contributions as it preserves "carried interest" loophole in GOP tax plan we break it down NOW

just spoke w he told me he's fully cooperating now w Mueller's team and he's intending to go get treatment following his grand jury appearance on Friday

wall street trading desks AND GOP staffers telling me they're hearing Rod Rosenstein is OUT as Deputy AG as rages over Mueller inquiry as early as tonight. no immediate comment we discuss the mkt impl\ications at 340 edt

SCOOP: After inquiries by i am told that the has begun to look into 's pot-smoking during interview. at issue: is a government contractor and marijuana use is prohibited for people w govt security clearance -- stay tuned

Playmate says she watched Barbara Moore and Trump have sex