Charles Gasparino

Charles Gasparino

Charles Gasparino joined FOX Business Network (FBN) in February 2010 as Senior Correspondent. God, Country, Pullups and Vodka in that order

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BREAKING: Leon Blacks future at Apollo Mgt is tenuous over ties to Jeffrey Epstein, sources say. @dechertllp 's Andy Levander investigating and people at firm looking for mention of him in Ghislaine Maxwell's deposition released tomorrow & if he will be on next weeks earnings call

Back at the East River park— pull-ups, push-ups, sprints

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BOYO! cant wait for @JoeMysak  to spin this one for his muni-bond friends. The number is getting close to $80b I cited, remember that? BOYO! via @WSJ 

My sentiments exactly: "Toobin’s shenanigans were gross, but not as gross as our public-hate ritual. I’m not nearly as offended by clumsy pudwhackers as I am by people who savor the humiliation of others."

BREAKING: People with knowledge of the @SEC_Enforcement  investigation of @SenatorBurr  over alleged pandemic insider trading say the evidence against him is thin, yet he might seek a favorable settlement to end the matter. More 115pm EDT @FoxBusiness  @TeamCavuto 

If comrade @NYCMayor  tries to stretch the law on this one he will he sued until the end of time— ⁩ Mets sale: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio a hurdle for Steve Cohen

SCOOP: @SenatorBurr  may seek a settlement with favorable terms as @SEC_Enforcement  aggressively pursues a pandemic related insider trading case that is facing challenges in proving he traded on specific non public info. Will report now @LizClaman  @FoxBusiness 

These five people are allowed to tweet but one of America’s oldest newspapers can’t via @nypost 


Just heard @POTUS  at this rally complaining about the use of anonymous sources. For the record he was one of mine over the years.

SCOOP-inside the @MikeBloomberg  campaign advisers say Bloomy is fuming over @realDonald Trump’s attacks, mocking of his height. BBG now says he will fund even @BernieSanders  to beat Trump. He plans to ramp up the personal attacks vs Trump through even more pointed TV ads

BREAKING— (thread)GOP operatives are for the first time raising the possibility that @realDonaldTrump  could drop out of the race if his poll numbers don’t rebound. Over the weekend I spoke to a sample of major players; one described Trumps current psyche as “fragile.” I’m

It's now looking like the lockdowns may have been a huge mistake via @nypost 

SCOOP: Dem Party sources who have spoken w @BarackObama  say former prez is growing increasingly anxious about @BernieSanders  rise in the national polls & where the avowed socialist would take the country; he is considering a public statement addressing it more now @FoxBusiness 

BREAKING: After weeks of negotiations, hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen has told Wilpons he would pay $2 billion for @Mets  & would pay $2 billion for @SNYtv . Other bids for the team so far are lower meaning he is (as reported by @FoxBusiness ) the lead bid. Timing unclear

BREAKING: Senior@MLB  officials tell @FoxBusiness  they are near certain there will be major league baseball in 2020 even if the details of the game are still being debated. League closely watching @NYGovCuomo  for timing on reopening of NYC and games for @Mets  @Yankees  more now

SCOOP: @TheJusticeDept  hired outside litigators as it readies antitrust suit against @Google  will discuss now @FoxBusiness