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A growing number of financial services are powered by data sharing. Learn the key things to consider before sharing your data, and tips for sharing your data in the best way.

If you’ve co-signed a private student loan, you’re financially responsible for missed payments. If you or the borrower have been financially impacted by the coronavirus, here are steps to protect your finances and credit during the pandemic.

Our information on online and mobile banking for beginners includes how to start, what can you do with online and mobile app banking, and how to help someone else bank.

Our Paying For College tool "Your financial path to graduation" can help you: • Understand your financial aid offer • Plan to cover the remaining costs • Estimate how much you’ll owe and if you can afford that debt • Decide what to do next

We field an average of 30,000 consumer complaints each month. Learn more about how we are working for you.

During this difficult time many of us are paying close attention to the guidance from federal, state, and local governments. Unfortunately, scammers are also paying attention. Here are three ways you can protect against government #ImposterScams .

As financial coaches, counselors, and educators, you provide vital services to Americans facing uncertainty as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds. You can continue this vital effort by adapting to working with those you serve remotely.

Want to teach your kids about money? Use our free activities to help children build the important skills they will need to manage money into adulthood.

Our information on early retirement withdrawals and the CARES Act covers information like: • What tax-deferred accounts are affected by the changes? • How much can you withdraw without penalty? Find the answers the these questions and more in our blog.

We put together some key information about how #DataSharing  works, what you should consider before sharing your data, and some tips on how you can best protect your data and accounts.


If you have been affected by Hurricane #Harvey , we have resources to help you protect and rebuild your finances.

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We have resources available to help you protect your finances due to coronavirus:

Learn more about what you can do if you think your identity has been stolen in the #Equifax  data breach.

Here’s how mortgage forbearance works under the CARES Act:

Our new rule ensures that groups of people harmed by the same financial products can take action together.

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Today we finalized a rule that is aimed at stopping payday debt traps.

We are working with the @FHFA  and @HUDgov  to help homeowners and renters during the coronavirus pandemic. Visit the unified Mortgage and Housing Assistance site for the latest information on how to get help.

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If you're a non-tax filer, find out what you need to do to receive your full Economic Impact Payments.

One way we accomplish our mission is by enforcing consumer protection laws #4Years4You 

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