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“All I know is that Kyler has a tremendous opportunity to be a great baseball player. He knows that."

According to Scott Boras, @OU_Football's Kyler Murray has ‘every intention’ of attending Oakland A’s spring training.
“Kyler did not have a bad performance this year, he just didn’t.”

@joelklatt has zero time for you and your hate on his Heisman ballot.
"Remember, we've got 130 teams...only four go to the Playoff. There's got to be some motivating factor for the other 126 teams."

It's bowl SZN and @joelklatt is here for it.

(via @Temple_FB)
College football isn't even over yet and we're already having withdrawals. 😢

So here are some of the best moments of the season...you're welcome. (sponsored by @Wendys) https://t.co/ZA4TO4IYhM
“Kyler was doing something this year that had never been done before in the history of the sport.”

breaks down why ’s Kyler Murray was chosen as the Heisman-winner.
Top 10 MLB Draft pick. @OU_Football's starting QB. Heisman Trophy winner.

Yeah... Kyler Murray can do it all.
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's Kyler Murray is the first player to win the Heisman the season after replacing another Heisman winner.
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