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Most Tweeted about celebrities at the #GRAMMYs :

1. @BTS_twt
2. @ladygaga
3. @camilacabello97
4 @ShawnMendes.
5 @iamcardib.
6 @MileyCyrus.
7 @DollyParton.
8 @aliciakeys.
9 @Drake.
10 @ArianaGrande.


'I'm your hope, you're my hope, I'm J-Hope!' ❤️
Happy birthday J-Hope! Here are @BTS_twt after their first ever televised performance in the UK, last year on @BBCOne! 🎈
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JUST IN: California AG Becerra tells @mitchellreports he intends to file lawsuit today challenging President Trump's national emergency declaration: "We'll be joined by at least a dozen states."
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BREAKING: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announces that he is running for president again in 2020
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Roger Stone now directly attacking the federal judge presiding over his case and posting a pic of her head beside crosshairs
#WATCH ** Wife of Major VS Dhoundiyal (who lost his life in an encounter in Pulwama yesterday) by his mortal remai#Dehradunn#Uttarakhands.
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Forty-four days away from Brexit and they haven't got a clue."

A Honda worker accuses the government of "completely incompetent handling" of Brexit and "idiocy of epic proportions".
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@brianstelter @SopanDebThe headlines and chyrons of CNN, NBC News and CBS News from day 1 all clearly take, as fact, that an attack happened . The question raised was only if it was a hate crime. 2/
Israel offers unconditional help. Whatever India needs to defend itself there is "no limit": Israeli envoy to PTI.

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The most important thing to realise about #China’s military is that “its leadership are fully aware of where they need to improve,” @mnouwens2003 tells@AaronMehta .#MilitaryBalance shows that “they’re throwing massive resources at fixing their weaknesses.”
Long article on Algeria's army chief Gen. Gaid Salah, but perhaps the most interesting point is about how he was never on the inner circle of generals who would meet privately to discuss and decide politics:
This Brexiteer got ruthlessly shutdown after he tweeted about the Swiss border
I think @HotelSacher in Austria may be the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever stayed in 😍

Beautiful Room, Beautiful View... but I am a bit apprehensive about the lady on the wall watching over me as I sleep... 😳 #HotelSacher
At 3pm, @JosieLong presents short documentaries about people or places who become known for a single thing. From the contested title of Britain's most haunted village to an actor who can't escape their most famous role.
The Top 5 most creative brand ideas you need to know about now
NEW: Vermont Senator @BernieSanders is running for president again. The 77-year-old former mayor & congressman is the 10th candidate to join the most diverse Democratic party field in U.S. history.

He spoke first to @jdickerson about why he believes this campaign will succeed:
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