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Investigators have raided the house of one of French President Emmanuel Macron's top security aides, who was caught on camera beating a protester in May, according to the Paris prosecutor's office. https://t.co/LOXD5GKKPv
.@OffsetYRN of the hip-hop group @Migos is facing two felony gun charges after he and his bodyguard were pulled over outside of Atlanta. https://t.co/zpUGtDtduX
#SaturdaySessions: @Houndmouth returns to @CBSThisMorning to perform "This Party".

Watch more: https://t.co/IPBiygUa33
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This morning on #TheDish: Boston chef Kevin O'Donnell https://t.co/4GXyKeGOES
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According to a recent TripAdvisor survey, 25% of those planning vacations said they're looking to take a "wellness trip" in the next 12 months.

@TripAdvisor’s @lizmonahan joins us to discuss some of the top welless destinations. https://t.co/4MNXKHj7Fj
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WATCH: Branson mayor @KarenBest says it's "too early" to make a call on banning duck boats. https://t.co/iKr39GbwNk
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Drones in the wrong hands could be used to spy on us, threaten our infrastructure and even target civilians.

@WIRED's @nxthompson discusses concerns over how drones could pose a national security threat. https://t.co/GV5ZtHaNQa
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Antibiotics can be highly effective but over-prescribing and mis-prescribing the drugs has created a public health problem. @drtaranarula discusses research analyzing and comparing the antibiotic prescribing rates of various medical outlets https://t.co/c8sJEQCkrF
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.@byamberphillips, who writes for the Washington Post, joins us to discuss the revelation that Pres. Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen secretly recorded him discussing payments to a former Playboy model and the continuing fallout from the Helsinki summit earlier this week.
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A secret recording of President Trump made by his former personal lawyer appears to undercut the president's denial of payments to a former Playboy model. Michael Cohen taped a conversation with the president about a payment to the woman a few months before the 2016 election.
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