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Latest Scoops

Russia to supply Syria "new missile defense systems" https://t.co/u3UUolaiD9
Republicans hold first baseball practice since last year's shooting https://t.co/Yu7T7PiAnj
Children with a rare, incurable disease that causes rapid aging and early death may live longer if treated with an experimental drug first developed for cancer patients, a study suggests. https://t.co/DUSzGdcJ85
After a death, how much can a "broken heart" hurt survivors? https://t.co/Ixq8P8AsG7
Waffle House shooting suspect's former boss asked feds to help him https://t.co/PrSZJwjVNP
Oregon child welfare officials knew the family in an SUV that plunged off a California cliff had faced a child abuse investigation in another state when it looked into allegations in 2013: https://t.co/nxmN8wdTXN
.@Twitter scores its second-ever profitable quarter with results that beat Wall Street estimates https://t.co/qGU7gMjN5Z
On the latest #CTMPodcast, author @MegWolitzer joins @AMGreenCBS to discuss her latest novel “The Female Persuasion.” Hear how the book’s ending was affected by the 2016 election https://t.co/dBb2X3EcZ0
U.S. Olympians head to Capitol Hill in bid to "salvage" winters from climate change https://t.co/UIFjnLHtF2
The Russian military indicated on Wednesday it will supply the Syrian government with a sophisticated air defense system https://t.co/NU4NBALb91
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